• Rockdale, IL 60436

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Jim LutovskyCo-Owner

(37 Years of Experience)
Started training for basic/advanced welding and metallurgy in 1979, under an experienced welder with nuclear certifications. Shortly after, went to work in the metal fabrication industry. My education expanded as I learned new techniques and processes. I then relocated to Phoenix, AZ where I wore many hats helping run a plumbing company, (purchasing agent, field superintendent, and estimator). I gained invaluable experience in what it takes to run a small company. In the late 80’s, I decided to “see the world”, so I joined the US Navy and did just that! Again, valuable experience was gained in my leadership roll. I left the military with an “Honorable Discharge”, and returned to the private sector, this time in the Chicagoland area, running crews on piping jobs, equipment installation/setting, in the industrial and petrochemical industries. I then had the opportunity to start my own business, with a partner in 2007, and we were able to operate it profitably until the “great recession” finally dried up the work! After taking a short break, I went back to work for another company doing the same type of work, including supervising a large tank farm expansion project that won both the Illinois and National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award. After leaving that company, I decided to “get back in the saddle” again, getting into ownership of Arcline Fabrication, and putting my decades of experience to work.