• Rockdale, IL 60436

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Co-OwnerTrevor Hein

  • 16 Years of fabrication and welding experience.
  • PMP Certified

Trevor is a 3rd generation fabricator, with an abundance of knowledge and expertise in welding, custom design, and quality craftsmanship. Trevor has worked for Industrial Construction Contractors, Large Fabrication Production Shops, Commercial Contractors, and Small Business Fabrication Shops for the last 16 years. His varying experiences range from building race cars and choppers to x-ray pipe welding, to installing structural steel, to managing large construction projects.  He went to College for Welding, Material Fabrication, and Pipe-fitting. He holds a Project Management Professional “PMP” Certificate from a globally recognized Project Management Institute. He earned this credential through Project Management Courses at Purdue University and grinding out years of tough industry experience. Trevor strongly believes that consistent quality service is one of the biggest factors in maintaining strong business relationships.